The BMKco. was established in year 1997. It has started its history by opening first store with fasteners in Břeclav named „Hana Baštýřová“. Complex services for customers has always been the prime strategy of this company since it has become active on domestic market.

With its rapid progress in following years the transformation of the company become inevitable. Composed of „BMKco. s.r.o.“ corporation in year 2001, distributor and wholesaler of fasteners took place in city Napajedla and an array of domestic subsidiaries called themself „handy corp. s.r.o.“.

The corporation´s headquarters and central stocks moved in year 2004 into its own and newly reconstructed residency in city Zlín. Nowadays „BMKco. s.r.o.“ mainly operates as an importer, exporter and a distributor of fasteners in Czech Republic.

We thrive to provide first-rate services for customers, offer complete range of all different fasteners, attractive prices and business policy have always been significant reasons for corporation´s efficient growth. Finally wide range of clients from various domains of industry are the best evidence for BMKco.´s effective progress.

As a direct distibutor we offer interesting pricing policy with additional possibilities of discounts and extra benefits. It´s only originated network of stable and verified suppliers which provide us ability to offer specific deliveries of standard fasteners or even design parts.

The company policy has always been to keep the quality of goods and services. We have applied quality management system according to ISO 9001. In November 2003, „BMKco. s.r.o.“ was certified that its quality and environmental management system complies with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001.

The corporation´s successfull growth is in consequence with of our effort to maintain and still improve these principles. We set our new logistic infrastructure and constantly expand our network of specialized subsidiaries. As a result we provide a guarantee to fulfil your entire requests for quantity, quality, terms, packaging for even freight.

Yours sincerely,

Hana Baštýřová
Managing Director

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