Quality Assurance :

Customer satisfaction determines the quality of our work and customer evaluation is one of the key indicators of our success in meeting quality objectives

customes services are provided in the highest quality; the customers are met with a versatile helpfulness of the company employees

basic rules of employees are a positive attitude, good manners and behavior also outside the workplace , professionalism and expertise, reliability and honesty

our organization is a purely Czech company based in the region in which it operates; it makes an effort to offer particularly high quality services, supports regional sporting, cultural and social activities

our actions are designed to strengthen the tradition and good reputation of the company together with the utmost effort to expand the quality and quantity of services offered. That way we try to ensure long-term perspective of the organization and hence the security of our customers

the decisive importance for the quality is the selection, training, appropriate motivation and information of all the employees. Each employee bears the responsibility of his/her work quality and contributes to achieving the quality objectives

every employee of the company has precisely defined level of responsibility entrusted to him for his/her part of work and the quality of his/her activities

for the implementation of quality policy is primarily responsible the senior management. One of the primary goals of the top management is to continuously improve the level of achievement and to engage all the employees to reach the target. Preventing and prevention of errors takes precedence over their removal

The company creates favorable working conditions for their workers; employees help each other and strengthen the team method of performing the tasks; employment in the company is a matter of prestige for all the employees

Environmental Management System:

The company is committed to continuously improve its environmental profile while maintaining and developing its business activities.

Maintaining healthy environmental conditions obliges the organization to comply with all requirements of applicable laws and regulations on environmental protection and other governing requirements.

The organization prevents the possible causes ofenvironmental damage and gradually tries to focus on suppliers who implements the EMS principles into their activities, or who already have the system in place and who have solved the process of recycling or waste disposal.

The company communicates openly and helpfully with the public and provides accurate information to all the interested parties on the impact of its activities on the environment.

Tools to continuously improve the efficiency of environmental management are the identification, review and evaluation of the seriousness of environmental aspects, objectives, targets and programs of EMS and defined system of control mechanisms.

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